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The absolute best place you could take your car if you have or think you have a transmission problem! Ok so here is my experience having service done at Mr. Transmission. A couple weeks ago it was time to change the gear oil in my 1994 Toyota pickup. After I had finished I noticed a small leak, tried to fix it using seal restore product but the leak persisted. I was convinced it was the seals, being around 19 years old it made sense. Well I did not really want to go through the whole process of dropping the transmission and changing the seals myself so I looked around for a good transmission shop (on yelp) near my parents house in Roseville, thinking I would have to leave it for a couple of days and borrow one of their cars to drive around. Well let me tell you how wrong I was! Prior to changing the gear oil I did a valve adjustment, which required me to take off the valve cover to do the work. Well little did I know at the time I forgot to tighten down the valve cover bolts....I had only fingered tightened them and did not go back to lock them down good after cleaning up. How did I know this? Thanks to the honest and helpful folks at Mr. Transmission! They looked at the car, noticed the loose valve bolts, tightened them down properly (like I should have done...) topped off the oil, cleaned the underside of the truck, drove it around for 15 minutes or so then checked it again - no leak! When I went to pick it up I was ready to pay for the service they performed and to my shock they charged me nothing! I am still in disbelief at how honest they are! This is how a business should be run and the staff and owner of Mr. Transmission are stand up, honest people and I know that if I do ever have (or suspect I have) a transmission problem I know where I will be taking any of my vehicles! I will have no problem recommending Mr. Transmission to all of my friends and family. My hat (if I wore one..) is off to the good people at Mr. Transmission and its nice to see that not everyone in the auto repair business is out to just make a buck, no matter how its done. Mr. Transmission is they way successful business are run and should be run - you guys are the best! Thank you so much!


Completely terrible service. Ive had to go back three times now. Its like they have automotive students learning how to install transmissions. Ive lost a lot money and time with these jokes.


So impressed with Mr Transmission, every other shop wanted to put a new transmission in my car for $4,000 but the experts at Mr Transmission knew right away that is was not the transmission saving me over $2,000, they went above and beyond, fixing my oil leak and rotating my tires. From now on, my car will only go to one place and that is Mr Transmission. Simply the best !


Highly recommended for any of your transmission issues-- they are a team of friendly professionals!!!! My 2004 Cadillac CTS is driving brand new again!!! Thank you Mr Transmission!!!

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